Garda E-Vetting System

Dear All,

The Garda Vetting System has undergone a major overhaul over the past few months, the ‘old’ paper format of Garda Vetting has been completely replaced with an online E-Vetting system.

The details of the new E-Vetting system are outlined below.

The National Vetting Bureau (NVB) Acts 2012-2016 commenced on 29th April 2016.

The NVB has taken over from the Garda Central Vetting Unit in overseeing the E-Vetting services.

Those that need to be vetted are those involved in the following activities:

  • Coaching, managing, and training underage teams or Adult teams that contain under 18 year old players.
  • Organising underage activities.
  • Refereeing underage games.

Note A: Anyone who was involved in the above activities prior to the 29/04/16 and had not yet been vetted for that role may continue to do so in that capacity but they must apply as a matter of priority to be vetted by the GAA under what is termed ‘retrospective vetting’.

Note B: If you are between 16 and 18 years old and are involved in any of the above activities you must be vetted under the GAA and a parental consent form (see attached) must also be completed.

Note C: It is now a criminal offence, for a person acting on behalf of the GAA, or for the GAA as an Association to permit any person to commence working with children on behalf of the Association without that person first obtaining a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of the role for which they have been recruited.  It is also a breach of GAA rule if you are working with children or vulnerable adults on behalf of the Association and have not been vetted.

There are a number of steps to the new online E-Vetting process.

Firstly you will need to complete the GAA E-Vetting ID Form (see attached). This is proof of identity for the Club Children’s Officer, once the GAA E-Vetting ID Form (which must include one copy of photographic evidence and at least one copy of proof of residence) is completed the Child Officer can then verify they’ve received it. The Child Officer may retain the ID verification for the duration of the vetting process or you may scan and attach it via your computer at Step 2 to the GAA online E-Vetting Application Form.

The purpose of this form is for you to provide your name, address, club, role for which you applied and to present your ID (e.g. copy of your passport plus a utility bill showing your current address.) The list of accepted documents are stated in the GAA E-Vetting ID Form (see attached).

Following completion of the GAA E-Vetting ID Form, You must then complete the GAA online E-Vetting Application Form.

The link to this form: Click here for GAA on-line E-Vetting application form

Once you complete the GAA on-line E-Vetting Application Form the information provided is forwarded to the NVB by the GAA and you will receive an on-line NVB Vetting Form to complete.

The details entered will be emailed back to you, for your own records. The Club Secretary will also receive an email informing them that you have applied as a member of the club, to be issued with the NVB Vetting Application Form.


The NVB will then issue you the NVB Application form to the email address you provided in Step 2 of the GAA online E-Vetting Application form. Completing the NVB Application form is a confidential matter between you and the NVB.  All sections of the form including current and previous addresses, email address and contact telephone numbers, information on convictions and prosecutions (if any), plus other information will be required when completing the form.


Once all sections of the NVB Application form have been answered this then completes your application process for E Vetting in the GAA and within a short period of time you shall be contacted by the GAA informing you as to the outcome of the vetting application.

You and the Club Secretary will be notified when the vetting process has been completed.

If someone under 18 years old wishes to be Garda Vetted parental consent must be obtained. The following two forms must be used:



If you have any further questions check out the FAQ’s.



Thanking you in advance for your time in cooperating with the new Garda Vetting system.